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    A little about the book. The Greater Sampson County Swamp Sheep Hunt is a captivating collection of fictional short stories comingled with facts and real events. This is the South I grew up in, full of love for family, friends, outdoors, great dogs and story tellin.' These stories developed from my many years in the field and on the water, professionally hunting, fishing and handling dogs. They are chock full of Southern heritage and lore and can carry you back to old time memories of how the South used to be with Aunt Robeana's homemade chocolate cake to Grandpa curing hams. Dog lovers can get a good fix of heartwarming humor from the dog trading of J and Uncle Chepus to the many antidotes my dogs get into. Hunters will return to a time when our fields and streams had loads of game and the majority of the southern population was still enwombed by and with the land.
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