Juniper Creek Breeding

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Puppies Born 30 April 2019

Bella Vom Cedar Valley x Bandit vom Juniper Creek

Bella's Pedigree      Bandit 's Pedigree

8 Puppies Born 30 April 2019
2 black & white males, 2 black  males, , 2 Liver  female with white on chest, 2 Black and white females
Draft Pedigree for this Breeding
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We are proud to announce our first reedings of Deutsch Kurzhaar's

Juniper Creek Breeding

Whelped: November 30, 2014

2 liver males , 2 liver females , 2 brown mold females, 1 brown mold male

DK Puppies

Valeska vom Geestmoor Zbr: 1296/09 Braun

Inka KS vom Geestmoor x Michel vom Geestmoor

D1,S1*,BTR, LN,SW1 IKP1,  VGP 3336/1, CACIB HN, HD Free B1, Fw: V

Draft Pedigree for this Breeding.

DK Puppies

Atilla vom Dakota Zbr: 1232/09   Brschl

Lacy vom Riverwoods  x Hugo vom Geestmoor

D1 AZP, HN, HD B1, Fw: V1,

This breeding is strong on both sides with Geestmoor dogs, in particular Berta.   Since Geestmoor dogs contain a lot of  Hege-Haus in the bloodline that is there as well, in particular Dagobert on both sides.


Juniper Creek Breeding

Whelped: December 12, 2014

 1 black & white male, 3 black with white chest flecks males, 1 brown and white male, 1 brown and white female

Deutsch Kurzhaar Puppies

Pippa vom Kronsberg  ZBNr.0247/12 Schw

Hexe KS vom Kronsberg x Ilex II KS von Neuarenberg

Derby 2x 1, Solms 1., HZP 186 , VGP 316/1, Btr, HN, SJ, SW2, HD A1, OCD frei; Fw. V1

Draft Pedigree for this Breeding

DK Puppies

KS Male vom Delme Horst, ZB.Nr. 0071/07, Schwschl.,

Jola vom Delme Horst x: Don KS vom Delme Horst

D I, S I Suchensieger, VJP 71Pkt, HZP 187Pk Suchensiegert, VGP II, 328Pkt, ÜF,( StoE 4h), VGP I, 324Pkt, TF, (Suche 4h, , IKP II, Kleemann 2010, full points (StoE 4h), BTR, HN, VBR, SJ, LN, FW: SG, HD frei B2

Male  received a 4h while at the Kleemann and at his VGP for his search behind the duck.    He also was the suchrensieger dog at his solms and HZP.   Which Means he was the best dog at the test.   Male is strong in the water having received 2 4h's for search behind the duck once at a VGP and also at the Kleemann.   His field search is strong he recived a 4h for search at his VGP , also was recoginzed with a throphy for best water work at his VGP.      Pippa is a very strong pointer and one of the steadiest dogs I have had the pleasure to hunt behind.

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